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Either I treat you on a futon mattress on the floor or on a treatment table. You will remain dressed, while you lie on your stomach, or on your back or in a lateral position. The duration of a treatment session is one hour in total, including preliminary consultation, therapy and a relaxation period afterwards. Shiatsu can help to loosen blockages and muscle tensions; hereby it supports healing processes. Shiatsu contributes to changing body patterns, i.e. physical „weaknesses“, and alter locations of recurring pain, for instance head, shoulders or the neck. Shiatsu is not a substitute for medical consultations.


„Shiatsu mobilises, stimulates, harmonises and encourages the flow of energy (qi), where it stagnates or falters. […] It supports the maintenance of health as well as vitality.“
Wilfried Rappenecker: Yu Sen, 1997, S. 7