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Shiatsu supports healing processes, stimulates physical and mental relaxation, and boosts vitality. Shiatsu activates the self-healing powers of a person and balances what has been out of kilter. Shiatsu („pressure of fingers“) is a physical treatment based on elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine, such as chi meridians and the Five Phases of transformation. Shiatsu also incorporates modern methods of physical therapy, like muscle stretching and the rotations of joints. As a practitioner of Shiatsu, I see individuals holistically, including all physical, mental and emotional aspects.

I am looking forward to telling you more:

Karin Gutjahr
Immenweide 61
22523 Hamburg
+49 - (0)40 - 57261634

Befreiung by Marie-Pierre Ficheux
"Befreiung" by Marie-Pierre Ficheux